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Another photo of the Titan.

At Summit Point. John won the last National of the
season there.

John (left) and Mike Tillson who raced Lancia’s, Porsche 911’s,
and Titan MK VI.

Jonathan Upton (once well known English racing mechanic)
in the Tecno, John at left, Mike leaning over it.
At that time we worked for RPM in Philadelphia, where among other things we imported Tecno formula cars from Italy. The place later became Kirk White automotive which made good money on the newly discovered business of vintage exotic cars. Later it became Mike Tillson Motorcars where Mike continues to fix and broker exotic cars.

The first DL10 Hawke. R.A. McKinstry (Mac) in the car,
Lazenby hunkered down at the right, Syd Fox just visible
at the back. Syd was an older driver (hard to tell what
age he was then) sponsored by Mac, who also financially
helped Hawke.

Syd getting into the DL10 prototype at what looks
like Brands Hatch.

Another photo of Syd getting into the DL10
prototype at what looks like Brands Hatch.

The urethane foam body buck for the DL10 in process.
John's inspiration and job for the while.

Unknown F3 car on the bottom straight at Brands Hatch.

John about to pass someone on the front straight at Brands Hatch.
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