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John in 4th heading onto Bottom Straight at Brands Hatch.

On the grid at Brands Hatch for the same race.

The clay model for the DL10 body. Hawke built a crude wind
tunnel to test it.

Another angle of the clay model for the DL10 body.

The DL10 foam body buck. The fiberglass mold was made
from this buck.

Another angle of the DL10 body buck.

John with his new DL10 at the local ex-WWII aerodrome.

Another shot of the DL10.

Another photo of the DL10 at the aerodrome.
That's John's wife at the time behind the car.

A better photo of John's wife at the house they
rented in Bishops Stortford.

The aerodrome had a long straight for the old bombers and lots of abrasive concrete. Racers used the straight to find out that trick F1 type intake boxes weren’t worth anything. They also used the concrete to wear down the Firestone Torino tires for use in the dry. The racing authorities thought they would save racers money by mandating these tires. Trouble was that you needed 3+ sets all in different tread depths for different conditions. They weren’t quick in the dry until they were just about bald. Also, the new ones were only good for deep water, so you had to wear them down - which also wore out the cars. You could just do donuts on rough concrete for half an hour - although it was discovered that a “Shureform” file, something like a cheese grater, could tear off rubber quicker right in the privacy of your car shop. But it really made one nervous filing spinning tires!!

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