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The Hawke DL10 on the open trailer John used all season.

The house John rented in Bishops Stortford, and the
40 HP Anglia van John used to tow the trailer.

Syd Fox testing the Hawke DL10 at Snetterton.

John Murphy looking doubtfully at the first DL10.

Another view of John Murphy and the DL10.
Mac is on the left.

John in his FB Cooper Alfa, (circa. 1967-69) at a regional
race at Marlboro Maryland. The race was called the
“refrigerator bowl” since it was in the dead of winter.

1971 at the IMSA race at Summit Point and the last race
in the Lotus 69 FF for John. The track was nothing but
dust in practice, but it rained overnight turning
the track into mud. John had to pit after the first lap
to clean his glasses and came out last but by the 4th
from last lap was in second behind Bill Scott.

Cadwell Park in England. John is in the Hawke DL 9 ahead of
Danny Sullivan who later won some CART races and the
Indy 500.

John in the Hawke DL9 at Oulton Park.

John racing Denny Shattuck (a quick American). They went
at it for the whole race. This was much admired by another
friend of John's, Donald McLeod who later became the first
driver for Ralph Firman at VanDieman.

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