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Donald McLeod in his Lotus 69 behind John at
Silverstone Club circuit 1972.

Late spring, 1972 at Silverstone Club. Syd Fox at right,
Mac McKinstry, then Rob Cooper (well known for being
fast at Silverstone Club.)

At Silverstone Club, 1972. Syd Fox's paddock is on the
left, John's is on the right.

Looking out the second floor door of Swaines Factory,
Crane Mead, Ware, Hertfordshire Ė the Hawke shop,
down at John's car. While John first thought David
was nuts for getting a second floor shop, it was
much better! Less effort. A strap was put around
the roll bar, hooked to a crane and then the car was
plucked off the trailer, and then the beam of the
crane pushed the car into the shop and lowered it
onto wheeled stands.

Sydís DL9 is in the foreground on one of these roll around
stands. The crane used for lifting the cars is in
the background.

Inside the shop looking away from the crane. In the
background, Marty Davidís secretary is standing, Doug,
thin face looking down in the direction of Marty
(he was in charge of welding at this time). The bearded
man facing Marty from the right is Arthur who was the
manager. He left after a while and Doug managed, then John.
The orange dot just left of the middle of the picture
is the pilot lighter at John's workstation.

Looking across one of the nice Colchester lathes at a
pre-WWII turret lathe, used to make the bushings for
suspension parts. One of the few jobs John never had
in the shop.

John's then wife Fran with one of their Aussies. Three
came over, all sort of friends. John canít remember
this chapís name. They all worked at DRL Engineering
(Hawke) for a bit. One other, Greg Bowden stayed with
John and Fran for a while in Bishops Stortford. He went
on to working in the Maclaren engine shop for a few
years before going off home. The coolest of the three
was Alan Docking, who is still in England running his
own place managing turnkey race teams.

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