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This info comes in from Ian Hebblethwaite:

The DL2 had an RF frame number, stamped on a gusset/plate in front of the cockpit opposite the shock tower/top pickup. I think it reads RF - DL- and then a number. This would be a sequential number from 1 upwards, so that Racing Frames could keep track of how many chassis they had built for David Lazenby.

From the 1970 DL2A, there would have been an AM number starting at AM 1 onwards, stamped on the left rear upper gusset, in the same place as the Titan MK5 and 6. AM 38 is in South Africa. It is a bare chassis plus a few bits. Mine (ed: Ian's) is an exception, being stamped just "1", as this was the first DL2A frame built by Hawke themselves before the jigs were sent up to Arch Motors.

From the 71 DL2B, the AM number will include the year 71, and as such the first frame would be AM 71/1. AM 71/7 is in the UK. These factory stamped frame numbers are not to be confused with USA SCCA numbers, which were later stamped on the rollover bars. As for the chassis plates, the only one I have seen was glued to the cockpit bulkhead on the right hand side of the steering wheel. If this is original, then very very few cars can be expected still to have them in place.
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