Hawke Registry
Literature collection of Henk A. Hazelaar
Updated: November 22, 2006

We received these great pdf's and jpg's from Henk A. Hazelaar. Enjoy!

Front page Quest 43 Duckhams Magazine
Hawke Flying on the ground, Mike Kettlewell, 1976
Letter from Hawke Manufacturer Hawke Racing Cars
Spec sheet Hawke DL8 SuperVee
Hawke DL14 FF2000
Hawke DL15 Advert from Autosport magazine
They make racing cars - Motor Sport, December 1971
DL 10 Advert
Advert Hawke DL9 - Autosport August 17, 1972
Advert Hawke DL 9 Formula Ford, David Lazenby and Jim Woodruffe
Advert Hawke DL10 - Autosport, November 23, 1972
Advert Hawke Formula - Ford Book 1970
First Production Hawke DL17
Frontpage Autosport - 27 July 1972
Geoff Friswell's Hawke DL 14 FF 2000
Hawke DL 9
Syd Fox - Hawke DL 9, Winner Sunbeam Electric Formula Ford Championship 1972
Syd Fox, Hawke DL 9, Paddock
Advert Autosport, August 22, 1972
Internationale Races, 17 Juli, 1977
Syd Fox tested the FF 2000 Hawke at Brands
Page 42 - Autosport, November 27, 1969
Tony Roberts receives last minute instructions on the grid




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