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Over the next few months, the Hawke Registry web site will be transitioning to a new web site run by the Hawke Racing Team. The classifieds section and the registry itself have already moved. We expect the rest of the site will also be moving as time permits. The old site (the one you are currently viewing) will go offline sometime around the first of June, 2016. Many thanks to Brian Gent, Nathan Poole, Matt Taylerson, Larry Couture and Ian Hebblethwaite who provided stewardship over the registry for more than 20 years and to John Bicht, Henk Hazelaar, and Ian Nicolson for their important contributions. The Hawke Racing site is up and running at Hawke Racing Team. Please click on the link and have a look.


Registry of Cars (new site)
Marque Reference (old site)
Chassis Numbering Page (old site)
Original Literature Page (old site)
Classified Ads (new site)
Photo Collection of John Bicht (old site)
Literature Collection of Henk A. Hazelaar (old site)
Literature Collection of Iain Nicolson (old site)

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